Revelations Theater

Welcome to Revelations Theater!

I want to congratulate you on choosing Revelations. Our show, like all those before it, will make history. Here, at this school, you will be transformed from ordinary, hapless beings to magnificent warriors of the stage. You will learn to throw yourselves fearlessly into the performance with no concern for your own safety or self-preservation. No! Nothing worth doing is safe, my dear students. You cannot go into the extraordinary lackadaisically.

​We must charge toward the exceptional, knowing we might fail. We must jump from the nest believing we can fly, even if the result is our plummet to the earth. Dear, dear children, for the next semester, you shall be the paints that color my canvas. This island, this school, has made the impossible possible. Together, we will overcome the bindings of natural law. We will defy gravity. We will transcend the human condition.

Your Classes

  • MENAGERIE: Get in touch with your wild side. Learn to entertain through the use of animals. They're not tame but they are trainable. Whatever you do, don't show fear.
  • PYRO: It's not just about flaming batons and fire eating. You'll be hot under the collar as you learn to feel the burn and like it.
  • AERIAL: High wire, trapeze, aerial acrobatics. The only way to learn how to fly is to learn how to fall.
  • RESILIANCE: Are you tough enough? Develop a thick skin or we'll develop it for you.

By invitation only, you may train with:

  • THE ENCHANTER: Get inside your audience's head and create entire worlds through the sound of your voice.
  • THE MAGICIAN: Control the elements through magic and sorcery. Divine the future. Learn symbols and ancient runes. But be careful. Magic may be relatively harmless, but sorcery comes with a price.

Revelations Institute & Theater, Veil Island.
You won't find us on any map. But we'll find you.If you have the potential.