When does the next release come out?

I rarely announce official release dates until a manuscript is completely done and I've had a commitment for a completion date from a professional editor. If you want to be the first to know about the official date of a new release, please sign up for my newsletter here.  

Will there be a Soulkeepers Movie?

Maybe! Read more about what's happening here.  While there has been interest from Hollywood and plenty of interest from fans, we still need some pieces to come together and a studio to commit for an actual movie to be made. Very few books are made into movies.

Will there be audiobooks?

The entire Soulkeepers Series has been adapted for audio.  There are no plans at this time to adapt the Grounded Trilogy.

What religion are you?

I am Christian and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Many times this question comes up in connection with Soul Catcher and the fact I've included a homosexual character in a fantasy series with strong religious themes. It surprises many people to learn that there is no agreement among Christians about homosexuality, despite what you hear on TV. My denomination is progressive in this regard, and I am an advocate for LGBT rights and equality. I also believe that tolerance and open discourse among people with diverse religious beliefs is important if we are to have any hope of fostering a peaceful world. 

Will there be another Soulkeepers book?

YES! I am currently hard at work on a soulkeepers spin-off series tentatively titled “The Alternative”.  Expect more details to be announced around the end of the year.

Why did you write a Soulkeeper who is homosexual? How can you portray a homosexual as someone who serves God?

I realize that some Christians would prefer that there be no homosexual characters in their fiction, but the truth is that there are Christians all over the world who identify as homosexual. Homosexuality is an issue facing most churches and is worthy of thoughtful reflection in literature. I included a homosexual character because I believe 1) Homosexual people need God, are worthy of God, and are loved by God equally to all other people. 2) People can be homosexual and serve God's purpose. Your sexuality does not somehow banish you to some dark corner of life where you can not contribute to the greater good.  Although I do not categorize my books as Christian fiction, I believe both 1 & 2 above are consistent with most denominations of the Christian faith.  I'd also point out that my characters remain celibate in Soul Catcher. All six books in the Soulkeepers series are meant to entertain and evoke thoughtful consideration in the reader, not convince the reader of anything.