The Last Soulkeeper

The Last Soulkeeper

Series: The Soulkeepers, Book 6
Genres: Science Fiction and Fantasy, Young Adult
ISBN: 9781940675107

The end is near.

Book 6 of 6 in the Soulkeeper Series!

***Don't miss Wager's Price, the first book in Soulkeepers Reborn, the Soulkeepers Series spin off.****

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About the Book

Just when the Soulkeepers think they’ve established a foothold in the war between Heaven and Hell, the playing field shifts. Enraged by Cord’s disappearance, Lucifer replaces his right-hand man with the Wicked Brethren, three Watchers so formidable even their own kind fears them.

The Soulkeepers struggle to survive in an increasingly deadly world while continuing to defend human souls. How far will they go when saving the world means sacrificing their most precious team member?

One of the best series I've read in a long time. It has everything: love, hate, forgiveness, fear, bravery, doubt, Hope, and an epic battle between good and evil. -@shley O., iBooks reviewer ★★★★★
You feel EVERY emotion while reading this series, I've cried, been angry, confused, happy, and all rolled into one at times. - Jenny, Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★
A well written, complex, and thoroughly delightful series that had my emotions running the gauntlet! - Kathi B Gilmore, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
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