Soul Catcher

Soul Catcher

Series: The Soulkeepers, Book 4
Genres: Science Fiction and Fantasy, Young Adult
ISBN: 9781940675053

A Murder. A Mission. A Mystery.

Book 4 of 6 in the Soulkeeper Series


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About the Book

Dane Michaels has been to Hell and back and isn't interested in repeating the experience. But as a human caught up in the Soulkeeper's world, his life isn't exactly his own. No one can explain why Dane was allowed through the gates of Eden, but it's changed everything. Now, the only one who can make him feel safe is Ethan, the telekinetic Soulkeeper with a dark past and a heart of gold.

When Malini asks Dane to be part of a mission to find the last Soulkeeper, Cheveyo, more than one team member thinks she's tempting Fate. But Malini suspects Fate has had a hand in Dane's life for some time and that he could be the key to unraveling Lucifer's latest plan of attack.

Had me sitting on the edge of my seat! Each book in this series gets better and better. Pgivens, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
Smartly complex and refreshing, while still being relatable and believable. -Aeicha, Book Blogger ★★★★★
t's a story about inclusiveness and love; trail and hardship; evil and redemption; and finding the balance between heart and head with integrity and moral fiber. -Jesse D. Self, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
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